ISVWorld is the only global software industry data platform focused exclusively on Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Covering about 190k ISVs globally, and tracking over 1.2M tech companies in general, our engagement with clients goes beyond just providing access to our data platform. We are always open to new data challenges.


Software M&A and origination

Developing a software acquisition roadmap, identifying potential buyers for a software company or creating a shortlist for origination purposes: our standardized methodology ensures maximum leverage of all information in our databases, based on your requirements and input. In most cases we can offer this as a fixed price service.Also investors and ISVs can register for free for our annual matching exercise where Investor Fund profiles are matched to ISV Capital needs. 

Custom Research

Are you looking for custom reports or analyses on specific markets, segments or technologies? With over 2 Terabytes of information and data stored on the software-industry, we may be able to help you even though your request is not available as part of our standard market statistics and benchmarking modules.

Channel development

With software companies more and more in the lead in sales processes, developing these ISVs into a true channel for your products can grow your business. Both ISVWorld and a number of our partners can help you build your ISV channel model and we can help identify the best ISV channel partners to grow your business.

GTM strategy and Marketing campaign support

Sometimes your campaigns need complimentary contact details or other data beyond the segments and companies you found through ISVWorld. We have a number of partners that offer enrichment services, or in some cases we can enrich your data through our own back office access to a variety of contact data sources. We can also help building your GTM Strategy and market segmentation, including persona-messaging combo's.

SAAS strategy services

Determine organizational readiness for SaaS across a number of dimensions including a/o product, financials and sales & marketing. Or, ask for a strategy and planning service to build your SaaS plans across all 6 organizational dimensions, both for existing and new software companies.

Business development planning

Identifying potential markets or segments where you can grow your business is a common usage of ISVWorld. If you don’t have the time and/or resources to explore our data, or if your needs are more sophisticated than what our standard industry statistics and benchmarks offer, please contact us so we can explore how ISVWorld or its partners can help.

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