ISVWorld is the only global software industry data platform focused exclusively on Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Covering about 190k ISVs globally and tracking over 23K news feeds daily, we provide the data you need to succeed. 

Professionals in various job roles benefit from our data platform.

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Get the best marketing data to drive sales success with ISVs

Finding quality ISV market data is tough, and poorly targeted marketing campaigns end up having returns below 1%. ISVWorld is the only provider that identifies and profiles more than just a few thousand ISVs.

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Get the best data to increase prospecting efficiency & revenue per sales rep.

Efficient prospecting and quality sales calls require rich ISV profiles. Research shows prospecting efficiency decreases by 41% when using mediocre data, and per rep sales drop by 28%. ISVWorld is the only provider showing relevant software profile data and context for the software vendors you target, not just generic company info. 

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Get the best tool to shift valuable analyst time from data collection to analysis.

Data collection for desktop research is time consuming, at the expense of analysis or even networking time. Scale drives efficiency and by profiling over 190k ISVs and tracking 1.2M tech companies, we provide the intelligence to improve efficiency and speed. 

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Research & Strategy 

Get the best data for efficient research and informed strategy decisions.

Decisions on marketing spend allocation, exploring segment attractiveness or buy vs build decisions require broad and deep data to avoid decisions that turn out expensive down the road. ISVWorld can facilitate your research and strategy decisions. 

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